Marriage Between Two Foreign Nationals in Turkey

Required Documents:

  • Certificate of no impediment from the local registrar of marriages in the UK
    (certificate of no-impediment is valid for 6 months)
  • Birth certificate and passport
  • A divorce or death certificate of previous spouse if married before


  • Application to the relevant consulate in Turkey to initiate the formalities.
  • The certificate of no impediment and certificate of identity and nationality obtained from the relevant consulate to be authenticated by the local Governor office in Turkey
  • Application in person to the local marriage office to give notice of marriage, submit the certificates, complete necessary forms and fix a date for the marriage ceremony
  • Solemnization of marriage (if the marrying parties do not speak Turkish, they are advised to arrange for an interpreter to be present during the ceremony)
  • Notice to the relevant consulate to have the marriage registered in their country.

Notes: Foreign nationals in Turkey can also get married in their respective consulates if it is possible under their national law. However, if one of the parties is a Turkish citizen, marriage can only be solemnized by the Turkish authorities.