Attorney-Client Employment Agreement


An attorney fee contract has been prepared between the parties whose names and addresses written above within the conditions written below. The person appointing them will be called as CLIENT and the solicitors who undertake the job will only be called as Attorney.

ARTICLE 1 – The duty that the Attorney undertook: …

ARTICLE 2 – The Attorney will be paid … for the … excluding the value-added tax (VAT) and court cost for the work he/she undertook.

For the criminal case:

Advance payment : … TL/$/£/€ at …/ …/ …
Second payment : … TL/$/£/€ at …/ …/ …

If the installment payments have not been paid on the dates the whole attorney fee will become due obligation. Default interest of … % will become applicable annually.

ARTICLE 3 – This fee is just for this job. Although it is related and connected, the fee does not include the mutual court cases and separate cases and its procedures. The cases in the Supreme Court Justice, Council of State and Tax Appeal Commissions will have different fees.

ARTICLE 4 – Attorney will follow the case in accordance with the law and conditions of this contract. If he/she is authorized, he/she can follow up the court case together with other attorneys or he/she can leave the case absolutely to them. The CLIENT by getting the written approval of the solicitor he/she may allow other attorneys involve in the case.

ARTICLE 5 – All the expenses, fees, taxes and stationary expenses related to the court case will be at CLIENT’s expense and at first request it will be paid to the attorney or the authority. If for this case the attorney needs to travel, the CLIENT will pay … TL/$/£/€ for each day for the travel expenses, temporary accommodation and along with the time period he/she will be send out of his office.

ARTICLE 6 – The CLIENT has accepted her address written below as his/her official correspondence address and he/she accepts that all the notification and letters sent to this address will be valid and accepted. If he/she changes his/her address she has to inform the attorneys in written form about the change of address.

ARTICLE 7 – The Attorney can revoke this contract if the CLIENT does not give power of attorney after signing the contract, draw his/her case, appointing another Attorney without obtaining the written confirmation of the attorneys, not paying for the expenses, not delivering the evidences, documents and information requested for the accusation and defense, if he/she changes his/her address and by not informing the solicitors delay the case, give up the case absolutely and partly, reach to an agreement with other part or discharge the other part from its responsibilities and revoke his/her attorney when there is no reasonable ground. As the contract is revoked due to a reasonable ground at the first request of the Attorney the whole amount will be paid straight way. In case of any delay … % annual default interest will become applicable.

ARTICLE 8 – On the issue which are not written in this contract or which are not clear the laws of the Attorney act will apply.

ARTICLE 9 – In case of any conflicts … Courts will be authorized. …/ …/20..

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